A very good start for Intrepid Gatineau

Everything was ready to receive in Gatineau Intrepid supporters for the start of his 16th season in the Midget AAA League. Trying to innovate, the organization opted this year for a 5-7 or "tailgate party" at the entrance to the arena just before the game between the Gatineau Albatros Ecole secondaire Notre Dame. As Mother Nature was coaxing us by pouring a few liters of water, we have installed makeshift tents and we are able to welcome our guests. In front of the arena, the Chakidor group that is preparing for a European tour came entertain people falls before the 1st washer. 600 hot dogs were sold to the delight of the parents of players who are so pleasantly put to the task of feeding our fans.

At the dawn of this 16th season, a certain excitement had taken possession of all the organization as the first day of his 1st season. Perhaps the fact that a former player of the 1st edition appeared on the ice wearing his costume of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; each of us remembered in his own way a moment happened there is that fifteen years. No fewer than 14 persons came treading the ice of the Baribeau Arena to immortalize if only for a moment, the opening of the season. Julie Legault, Chair of the Board of Intrepid received Mr. Robert Lalonde League, representatives of the major sponsors of the league as well as the Gatineau Councillor Richard Cote, director of the comprehensive school Nicolas Gatineau, Mr. Claude Beaulieu and many partners Intrepid warmly applauded by more than a thousand spectators.

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